Nothing Fucking Matters

Time doesn't actually exist.


Response to “Daily Prompt: Witty”

How could I pass this prompt up? Witty With one drag of her wit, You'll have to admit, Hooked you are. But you'd better look from a far. No desire to commit, Not even one bit, Shit. You shan't change what you find to be strange, Some do not desire to be ordained, Some do… Continue reading Response to “Daily Prompt: Witty”

An Open Letter to the Universe

There is not one thing I am an expert at besides curiosity and wonder. Today I bring to you an open letter to the Universe. This letter pertains to the importance/lack of communication in today’s ever changing society. To whom it may concern (that’s you, I don’t care if you think it’s not, it is):… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Universe

No Ragrets, Not Even a Single Letter

  Do me a favor and every once in a while, put yourself beside yourself. Take a constructive look at that person. You do not know anyone better than that person. Flaws and personal satisfaction alike. Accept them. Put yourself beside yourself and never lose sight of yourself. Be your own critic and be real… Continue reading No Ragrets, Not Even a Single Letter

“Parking lot is tight, wifi sucks.”

Official Review: CONSCIOUS CUP in Crystal Lake, IL First sniff sip, "holy shit", I said complacently. It was memorable. That's what this place does, creates an impression.Their coffee is different. Their coffee is pure black beauty. This particular visit, I tried the Robot Heart, signature blend. Just a 12 oz black coffee. It always comes… Continue reading “Parking lot is tight, wifi sucks.”

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): A Better Approach

Recently, a friend of mine approached me about this topic and had some questions regarding a more natural regimen. I was going to respond in a joking manner and say that snowshoeing would cure it because I keep trying to make her my partner. However, it needs to be dealt with in the most serious… Continue reading Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): A Better Approach