Nothing Fucking Matters

I don’t have anything to write about.

I have eveything to write about.

I have nothing to think.

I think all the time.

I don’t have so much as a dime.

I am rich.

I’ve never got the time.

Cause time doesn’t actually exist.

Nothing actually matters.

Everything is supposed to matter.

All amongst the chatter,

You listen to problems that were once yours, you comb through their conversations as the uninvited third party and shake your head because they have not yet realized,

Nothing actually matters. No one actually cares. You do it for you and you always. Everything is supposed to matter, yet, nothing actually matters.

I have nothing to write about.

I write about everything.

But none of it matters.


Daily Prompt: Fact

Fact: The one who was the muse to my moves,

you still move me.

Fact is, I move differently when you’re not around.

You’ve not been around. Nor have I.

Fact was, I said goodbye,

but not to you my muse.

That’s something I’ve still got to abuse.

Fact is, fiction is real. And your facts are false.

I’ve gone through the movements of muse,

and all while stating the facts of the importance of muse juice,

I do not need it. I’ve got coffee and weed to succeed.



Daily Prompt: Fact

The Thankful Spiel

I never let the seasons dictate the practice of gratitude. However, it helps make it official. Here it is, my official “What I am Thankful for” spiel.

One year ago, I was basking in free rent and careless thoughts. I was free, yet encased in my post revelation “now what-ness”. I would have never thought that within a few months I would have sprung out of bed with the spontaneous thought to visit Colorado for the Woman Grow Summit. I felt as though I was on cruise control and my body was working before my brain. Sometimes that’s a good thing.

So there I was, February 2017: alone, in a shitty taxi that cost $70 to my semi-shitty hotel. Which, still procured a shitty grin. I didn’t care. I was alone and free. I was in a city that I only once visited briefly. I paid the man, dropped my bags off, and went the Pot Shop down the street. I wandered the streets. Got a sandwich at Cheba Hut and accidentally stayed for beer and trivia. I was there quite a while and made a few friends. I smoked a joint with some old haggard looking man. He had stories and I liked to listen. Strangers are great.

The next day was the Summit. My Uber (which smelled of cannabis) dropped me off at the Opera House. Which also smelled of cannabis. LOL. It was a long day of inspiration for me. As I sat back in the red puffy seats, I wrote. One speaker provoked us to write goals for the following year. My first bullet point consisted of the words, “Move to Colorado”.

That is not why I came. But that is what I brought back with me. I slowly conjugated some thoughts. Many thoughts. And no thanks to the Jack Kerouac book I was reading at the time. But there I was, randomized plans to move from suburbs of Chicago, IL to Denver, CO.

I quit my freedom job in April, I arrived on Cinco de Mayo, and began working in the cannabis industry by June. Here I sit, thinking back, it hasn’t been that long, I have already experienced so much, yet nothing at all. I have learned so much, but I am nowhere near an expert. There’s a place here for me. I have taken a risk and I am thankful for walking through fear.

I love my support system back in the Midwest. I miss them and appreciate them more than I could have mustered in the past. I have a clear vision of my feelings toward my previous life. It has brought me here.

These coming holidays will be different. I wish to teleport home to enjoy one meal with my family but I wish to instantaneously be back here after the meal. I am thankful to miss them and I am thankful to feel like I am making my own foundation. I am thankful for extensive phone calls. I am thankful for the time I have loaned out to the new people I am meeting here. And for the time they have given me. I am thankful for delicious craft beer, legal cannabis, strangers, inspiring people, my first bullet point, fear (and loathing), change, and nostalgia. And my best friend/roommate. Roommate/best friend.

I don’t exactly know where I am going from here but I am thankful to know that it is in the direction of forward.

Response to “Daily Prompt: Witty”

How could I pass this prompt up?


With one drag of her wit,
You’ll have to admit,
Hooked you are.

But you’d better look from a far.

No desire to commit,
Not even one bit,


You shan’t change what you find to be strange,
Some do not desire to be ordained,
Some do not desire to be restrained.

Within her kit of wit,
She holds the tools within the fools.
She’s living a life,
She’s got your splice,
Don’t try to roll,
the dice.

Your gamble will turn to shamble.

You can not change what shall remain.
A woman so pure,
Down to her veins,
With all her pains.
She thrives from the change that makes you disdained.

As you,
Will always be you,
Will always be,

And with one drag of her wit,
You’ll have to admit,
You have changed quite a,

An Open Letter to the Universe

There is not one thing I am an expert at besides curiosity and wonder. Today I bring to you an open letter to the Universe. This letter pertains to the importance/lack of communication in today’s ever changing society.

To whom it may concern (that’s you, I don’t care if you think it’s not, it is):

The subject matter was sparked on a day like many others, I was visiting a cell service provider branch in Denver to get a few things cleared up with my account. This entire trip could have been avoided if the company as a whole could accurately communicate, after all, it is a business. Spark set aside, the thoughts progressed.

Communication was created by man. We created the most underused and overlooked detail that can create lasting relationships for life and business. We know of its power but have a hell of a time utilizing it for practice. It has become masked by devices set forth to help us constantly communicate. Go figure. There are countless venues to help facilitate proper communication and countless ways to engage. A blind man can see and even the hearing impaired can hear. I’m not sure where we all went wrong but I’d like to accentuate the importance with this one sentence.

Do you want to be successful?

Think of your day to day tasks, think of the entire world, we forget that communication was innately created. I wish we wouldn’t lose sight of this great gift. Successful life transactions all require the ability to relay what it is you want or wish to happen. If you miss the opportunity to relay that across the uncomfortable barrier into the next persons head, then sir or madam, you’ve lost an opportunity to succeed.

The ultimate key to this equation, is that everyone has to be the common denominator. Everyone has to want to succeed. Notably, effective communication will create dual success. Perhaps, that’s the formula for peace. Lolololol.

I am no expert, just an observer. My curiosity shall remain curious and my wonder will be of the plenty. I vow to make effective communication choices and in adjunct, be an active listener. Nothing more attractive than a good handshake, steady eye contact, and a conversation that leaves you with more than you came with. Just sayin’.

Well that’s all folks, be successful.


No Ragrets, Not Even a Single Letter


Do me a favor and every once in a while, put yourself beside yourself. Take a constructive look at that person. You do not know anyone better than that person.

Flaws and personal satisfaction alike. Accept them.

Put yourself beside yourself and never lose sight of yourself. Be your own critic and be real with yourself. Accept your change and accept the things that you can not change. Revel in your own wonders.

Fall down with every intention of always standing back up. No option there.

Like yourself, love yourself, hate yourself but understand its all temporary. Once you have chosen happiness – do all you can to maintain that, to destruct all of the worlds destructions.

You only have one thing in this life, that’s your very own life. Your very own trust. Refuel your fire by closing your eyes and letting your soul meet your brain to fill it with perspective.


“Parking lot is tight, wifi sucks.”

Official Review: CONSCIOUS CUP in Crystal Lake, IL

First sniff sip, “holy shit”, I said complacently. It was memorable. That’s what this place does, creates an impression.Their coffee is different. Their coffee is pure black beauty.

This particular visit, I tried the Robot Heart, signature blend. Just a 12 oz black coffee. It always comes out so hot. I love that. None of this nonsense like McDonald’s lawsuits. I want my gosh dern hot coffee to be just that, hot. At first relish, the complexities ensue. This blend is acidic with a high flavor profile. Notes of cherry, cocoa, smoke. Smells like it’s been freshly roasted, which, if you’re unaware, they roast and package on site. This roast leaves an after note of a roughly 60% dark chocolate, so it’s bitter but with a quality soft sweet end.

Parking lot is tight, wifi sucks.

My only complaint. This is a review, I have to be honest.

When talking about a perfectly fine establishment and all I have to criticize is the lack of parking lot space and the wifi inconsistencies, I can get over their one fault. I categorized them both into one fault because you don’t need either of them to enjoy coffee.They have a quality product. They give back. They get their hands dirty. McHenry County is lucky to have this gem because people collaborate here, people have conversation here. No small talk. Or almost better than that, complete solitude. No one will bother you either. It’s the best of both worlds.

The music always fits the setting like a Body Glove product. It’s always clean, major plus, and the lighting is natural. The barista’s are knowledgeable, kind, calm, and hardworking. I did notice, it’s mostly women who work the coffee-making operation. So, just a little tip of the hat, curtsy at the knee, cheers to that. *Side note, I did receive excellent customer service by a gentleman when I first started to come in. Which was a lot and he was just as wonderful. All about equality here.*

The coffee here is something to consciously experience. Sniff it. Taste it all over your palate. Watch the steam wave continuously into the abyss.

Support local businesses. Share this review.


Click here to visit their website.



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