“Parking lot is tight, wifi sucks.”

Official Review: CONSCIOUS CUP in Crystal Lake, IL

First sniff sip, “holy shit”, I said complacently. It was memorable. That’s what this place does, creates an impression.Their coffee is different. Their coffee is pure black beauty.

This particular visit, I tried the Robot Heart, signature blend. Just a 12 oz black coffee. It always comes out so hot. I love that. None of this nonsense like McDonald’s lawsuits. I want my gosh dern hot coffee to be just that, hot. At first relish, the complexities ensue. This blend is acidic with a high flavor profile. Notes of cherry, cocoa, smoke. Smells like it’s been freshly roasted, which, if you’re unaware, they roast and package on site. This roast leaves an after note of a roughly 60% dark chocolate, so it’s bitter but with a quality soft sweet end.

Parking lot is tight, wifi sucks.

My only complaint. This is a review, I have to be honest.

When talking about a perfectly fine establishment and all I have to criticize is the lack of parking lot space and the wifi inconsistencies, I can get over their one fault. I categorized them both into one fault because you don’t need either of them to enjoy coffee.They have a quality product. They give back. They get their hands dirty. McHenry County is lucky to have this gem because people collaborate here, people have conversation here. No small talk. Or almost better than that, complete solitude. No one will bother you either. It’s the best of both worlds.

The music always fits the setting like a Body Glove product. It’s always clean, major plus, and the lighting is natural. The barista’s are knowledgeable, kind, calm, and hardworking. I did notice, it’s mostly women who work the coffee-making operation. So, just a little tip of the hat, curtsy at the knee, cheers to that. *Side note, I did receive excellent customer service by a gentleman when I first started to come in. Which was a lot and he was just as wonderful. All about equality here.*

The coffee here is something to consciously experience. Sniff it. Taste it all over your palate. Watch the steam wave continuously into the abyss.

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Click here to visit their website.



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