“Parking lot is tight, wifi sucks.”

Official Review: CONSCIOUS CUP in Crystal Lake, IL First sniff sip, "holy shit", I said complacently. It was memorable. That's what this place does, creates an impression.Their coffee is different. Their coffee is pure black beauty. This particular visit, I tried the Robot Heart, signature blend. Just a 12 oz black coffee. It always comes… Continue reading “Parking lot is tight, wifi sucks.”


How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

What you'll need: Blender Organic Coconut Oil Grass Fed Butter Good Quality Organic Coffee Hot Water Love The process is so easy, more steps than a regular cup of coffee, but so worth it. Directions: Heat blender by pouring hot water at the base, let sit till coffee is made. I use a french press,… Continue reading How to Make Bulletproof Coffee