The No Name: Review

No pictures were taken for the sake of keeping the mystery alive. I have no duty to tell you the location, besides the obvious fact of this establishment being nestled in Boulder, CO. The enchantment that you could perhaps perceive from visiting Boulder, will solidify here. I felt as though I could make it my local bar while also simultaneously feeling like I was being jetted off on a magic carpet through the desert to a bar with no name.

Lets get to the meat of this sandwich.

Blood and Sand

My PIC first chose an old cocktail based off of a film from 1922, Blood and Sand. Known for the utilization of fresh blood orange juice and scotch whisky. We were both outwardly detested. Their rendition used regular “fresh” orange juice and a Laphroig 10 year and was served in a martini glass straight up. It was immensely clear that a Scottish whisky was used due to the overwhelming amount of peat in my nostrils, first inhalation, and end palate. I have no problem with peat. I have a problem with peat being used in a mixed cocktail. The drink itself shall remain hearty and rugged — but to enjoy all components as they congeal, one must not outdo the others so intently. I would give it another go with another approach on the scotch whisky and actual blood orange.

Paper Airplane

Creator of the Penicillin cocktail, Sam Ross, fabricated the Paper Airplane. Bourbon, bitter components, and fresh lemon juice, over rocks is perhaps a perfectly dialed in afternoon cocktail. One where one might be sitting endlessly on the patio in a sun hat enjoying the sun go from noon to twilight. Bulleit Bourbon brought a robust, sweet, and peppery aspect when immersed with the bitter components and the fresh lemon juice. Poured over rocks in a rocks glass or a double rocks glass. It was the perfect amount of cocktail. “House specialty” understandably so.

Mezcal Negroni

Your traditional Negroni meets smoky Mezcal in creation for something rather different. It isn’t often that I consume either of these elements but once builded upon each other, bitter smokiness emanates bright red hues and pure enjoyment. This last-minute addition to my review endeavors, was served over rocks in a rocks glass.

It is of my interest to return again, to enjoy the late night music scene, to endure the dark lit dreary hipster vibrations that my peers have set for me. 

The Thankful Spiel

I never let the seasons dictate the practice of gratitude. However, it helps make it official. Here it is, my official “What I am Thankful for” spiel.

One year ago, I was basking in free rent and careless thoughts. I was free, yet encased in my post revelation “now what-ness”. I would have never thought that within a few months I would have sprung out of bed with the spontaneous thought to visit Colorado for the Woman Grow Summit. I felt as though I was on cruise control and my body was working before my brain. Sometimes that’s a good thing.

So there I was, February 2017: alone, in a shitty taxi that cost $70 to my semi-shitty hotel. Which, still procured a shitty grin. I didn’t care. I was alone and free. I was in a city that I only once visited briefly. I paid the man, dropped my bags off, and went the Pot Shop down the street. I wandered the streets. Got a sandwich at Cheba Hut and accidentally stayed for beer and trivia. I was there quite a while and made a few friends. I smoked a joint with some old haggard looking man. He had stories and I liked to listen. Strangers are great.

The next day was the Summit. My Uber (which smelled of cannabis) dropped me off at the Opera House. Which also smelled of cannabis. LOL. It was a long day of inspiration for me. As I sat back in the red puffy seats, I wrote. One speaker provoked us to write goals for the following year. My first bullet point consisted of the words, “Move to Colorado”.

That is not why I came. But that is what I brought back with me. I slowly conjugated some thoughts. Many thoughts. And no thanks to the Jack Kerouac book I was reading at the time. But there I was, randomized plans to move from suburbs of Chicago, IL to Denver, CO.

I quit my freedom job in April, I arrived on Cinco de Mayo, and began working in the cannabis industry by June. Here I sit, thinking back, it hasn’t been that long, I have already experienced so much, yet nothing at all. I have learned so much, but I am nowhere near an expert. There’s a place here for me. I have taken a risk and I am thankful for walking through fear.

I love my support system back in the Midwest. I miss them and appreciate them more than I could have mustered in the past. I have a clear vision of my feelings toward my previous life. It has brought me here.

These coming holidays will be different. I wish to teleport home to enjoy one meal with my family but I wish to instantaneously be back here after the meal. I am thankful to miss them and I am thankful to feel like I am making my own foundation. I am thankful for extensive phone calls. I am thankful for the time I have loaned out to the new people I am meeting here. And for the time they have given me. I am thankful for delicious craft beer, legal cannabis, strangers, inspiring people, my first bullet point, fear (and loathing), change, and nostalgia. And my best friend/roommate. Roommate/best friend.

I don’t exactly know where I am going from here but I am thankful to know that it is in the direction of forward.