No Ragrets, Not Even a Single Letter

Do me a favor and every once in a while, put yourself beside yourself. Take a constructive look at that person. You do not know anyone better than that person.

Flaws and personal satisfaction alike. Accept them.

Put yourself beside yourself and never lose sight of yourself. Be your own critic and be real with yourself. Accept your change and accept the things that you can not change. Revel in your own wonders.

Fall down with every intention of always standing back up. No option there.

Like yourself, love yourself, hate yourself but understand its all temporary. Once you have chosen happiness – do all you can to maintain that, to destruct all of the worlds destructions.

You only have one thing in this life, that’s your very own life. Your very own trust. Refuel your fire by closing your eyes and letting your soul meet your brain to fill it with perspective.


Micro-read: The Game of Pool

Perhaps some of the best advice I have recently and accidentally stumbled upon, goes a little something like this. “Your next shot should be one to set you up for the following shot, always worry about the next move.” In regards to the game of pool.

The game of pool is strategy. Sometimes there is no way for there to be a shot made, so instead, set yourself up for the next shot. This simple complexity works for any life event. You should always be working toward something. Nothing is worth it unless you work for it. Set yourself up for success. It’s funny how you can be floating along in your leisure and it still teach you some of the most important aspects of life.

Live your life simply, enjoy the little things, and take the advice from the person you never thought you would.

Happy Sunday.