No Ragrets, Not Even a Single Letter

Do me a favor and every once in a while, put yourself beside yourself. Take a constructive look at that person. You do not know anyone better than that person.

Flaws and personal satisfaction alike. Accept them.

Put yourself beside yourself and never lose sight of yourself. Be your own critic and be real with yourself. Accept your change and accept the things that you can not change. Revel in your own wonders.

Fall down with every intention of always standing back up. No option there.

Like yourself, love yourself, hate yourself but understand its all temporary. Once you have chosen happiness – do all you can to maintain that, to destruct all of the worlds destructions.

You only have one thing in this life, that’s your very own life. Your very own trust. Refuel your fire by closing your eyes and letting your soul meet your brain to fill it with perspective.


The Importance of Self Care

If self-care has never been on your radar and you have no idea how to catch yourself from falling down a downward spiral, I suggest you take a few minutes and read this.

Everything is important. Your family, your friends, your lover, your job, your to-do list, bills, school, all those social events… but when will people realize that YOU are THE most important aspect in your life? You are your own powerhouse. The motherboard, the mitochondria of your own life. Without yourself, nothing would matter, make sense, or be worth any joy.

How can you be well with anything –relationships, job, social life, accurate tasks, if you do not make sure you are taken care of first? This is not selfish. This is crucial. This is the underlying truth to a greater mental health understanding.

A short excerpt from a past point in my life:

I was 22, in college (19 credit hours), working a constant 30 hours, had been renting a house with my then boyfriend (bills were astronomical), had internship work, along side extensive lab work. I am the stubborn giving kind. I would never allow my partner to pay for anything, it was always 50/50, or so I thought. The short of it all was that, I was immensely stressed and had no idea until I found a grey hair. I was hardly eating meals; that right there was the tip-off because I always eat and my undergrad is B.S. Nutrition. From there, I called my mother to justify and recognize the pivots in my life. I got on one of the best multivitamins and came to the realization that I needed to simplify my life. Luckily, I finished off the semester well and it was summer. The changes I made were enormous. I gave myself space from academics, broke up with my partner, moved home, and put myself first. I joined my local gym, hung out with all my best friends, traveled more, and began to live a more healthy lifestyle. Mind, body, and soul, I was back to being me.

From that point on, I thrived. Myself has always been put first, within reason. I set myself up for success. One day a week I tribute it to myself. I don’t always do something special but the day is for me, whether that means I remain alone or add in someone elses company. No matter what, I spend the time to get my mental in the place it needs to be to continue to thrive.

I thank sweet baby jesus for the phone call to my mother. That’s all it took, someone elses perspective. Self-care is crucial for the future of yourself and even the people around you. Don’t feel selfish, take the time, and do not let anyone stand in the way.

I can confidently say, this is a matter of life or death. Choose wisely.

Find yourself and never lose sight of it again.