Bubba’s Fine Foods: Review



Okay, so, on my latest trip to Natural Grocers a woman had her table set up in front of the laundry detergent. Which is what provoked the conversation about these SNACKS.

Bubba’s Fine Foods, a small company out of Loveland, CO, makes it their mission to handcraft these delicious snacks in small batches. As well as remain nutrient dense without creating a high glycemic index, grain free, gluten free, no added sugars, non-GMO, no cheap oils, no preservatives, vegan friendly, paleo, and one thing they forgot to add — a great prebiotic. They use green bananas instead of ripened, which is its own benefit of low sugar and the perfect prebiotic. If I can snack like this and get probiotics, I’m certainly enthused. The snacks I am speaking to, ah yes, Ungranola, Savory ‘Nana Chips, and a Snack Mix. They have a few great flavors in each category to change how you feel about the assortment of healthiness. Sit with me on this.

The Ungranola has its own thing going on. Being that it isn’t traditional with clusters of oats. Instead, it offered up integrity with baked coconut pieces, almonds, and cashews. The chunks of coconut brought light to my satiation. When these ingredients get baked they have a satisfying crunch, much like that fatty edge of a steak. It’s satisfying. Flavors available: Bourbon Vanilla (my choice), Cinn-ful Apple, and Uber Chocolate. 

The ‘Nana Chips, were something else. I loved the texture because of the green banana concept. It took reign on flavor and over a bag of potato chips. I also felt as though this was a filling snack. A serving size of one half cup could totally suffice for the average snacker. The ingredients are so simple and pure and the product is well coated. Flavors included: Macho Nacho, Blazing’ Buffalo, and Grand Garlic Parm. 

You can order Bubba’s online, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or purchase them locally around the Boulder area at Safeway, Whole Foods, and Natural Grocers.

Happy snackackacking.